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Quick Guide

This is the latest operational version of the Leicester City, Leicestershire and Rutland Local Safeguarding Children Boards Procedures Manual.

This manual complies with Working Together to Safeguard Children.

Before proceeding to the body of the manual, please read this 'Quick Guide'.


  1. Display and Browser Options
  2. About this Manual
  3. Amendments
  4. Planned Updates
  5. Keywords and Search
  6. Printing and Retaining Copies
  7. Compliance
  8. Copyright
  9. Mobile / Tablet Compatibility
  10. Register for Updates

1. Display and Browser Options

People with a visual impairment may have difficulty accessing this manual.

To change the size of the text/layout - please use these accessibility buttons


which are on the menu bar on the left side of every screen. Click a larger button to increase your text size, the very largest being high visibility mode.

If you have a colleague who may benefit from this facility, please bring it to their attention.

2. About this Manual

Multi and inter-agency work to promote and safeguard children must recognise and build on the strengths of children and young people from all cultures, religions, regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, ability and backgrounds. This should be child centred in ways that meet their needs and help them to achieve their full potential.

2.1 Status of the Manual

Leicester Safeguarding Children Board and Leicestershire and Rutland Safeguarding Children Board and tri.x are collaborating to maintain this Procedures Manual.

Andy Sharp is the Lead Person in the development and maintenance of the manual. Managers and staff in partner agencies have also contributed to these procedures and have provided local information that is only relevant to staff in Leicester City, Leicestershire and Rutland.

As you the reader and user of the manual become familiar with the way that it works, you might have comments that would improve the manual and make it more user friendly. Whatever it is that you have to say about the manual, your comments are valuable. If you have any comments or feedback regarding the manual, please e-mail: or alternatively you can use the Contact Us button on the left hand side of the screen to contact them.

2.2 What is Included

The manual is designed to contain all your policies, procedures and guidance.

  • Policies: Our intention is for this section to be a 'one stop shop' for all the Policies, Values and Principles. It is intended to summarise the key policies, values and principles for Leicester City and Leicestershire and Rutland LSCB's. All procedures in this manual should be read in the context of this chapter;
  • Procedures and Guidance: In an attempt to keep procedures succinct, procedures and more detailed guidance are separated, with links provided as appropriate;
    • 'Procedures' summarise how managers and staff must act in given circumstances;
    • 'Guidance' provides direction or advice to assist with making a decision or taking a course of action.

Procedures and Guidance are located in individual 'chapters' which are available from a 'traditional' Contents List - available on the menu bar on the left hand side of each screen.

2.3 Using the Contents List

Chapters are categorised or grouped together as follows:

  • Parts: The Manual contains procedures categorised under a number of areas, e.g. 'Children in Specific Circumstances';
  • Chapters: Under each Part, you will find individual Chapters/Procedures e.g. Children and Families who go Missing.

3. Amendments

Where a chapter has been significantly amended, it is indicated in the table below, on the Contents List and at the top of the relevant chapter.

Click here to view details of updates made to this manual.

4. Planned Updates

LLR LSCB and tri.x update this manual regularly. It will next be updated in September 2019. If you wish to contribute to the next update in relation to amending an existing chapter or suggestions for a new chapter, please e-mail: (see Section 2.1, Status of the Manual).

If you are involved in the development of the manual or the editing of new chapters please make sure that you are familiar with the timetable.

5. Keywords and Search

5.1 Keywords

The manual is accessed by practitioners from varying agencies, who may find terms that they are not familiar with. Therefore, a large glossary (Keywords) of terms is available such as Significant Harm (try it: click on the highlighted text). We call them 'Keywords'. Once clicked, the definitions will appear in a new window or tab, depending on your browser. You can leave it open for reference, or close it using the "close" button at the bottom.

5.2 Search

We have provided a Search function, available from the relevant button on the left hand menu bar. This will enable you to search for information within chapters.

You may have to try different or alternative spellings/terms before you get the result you are looking for.

6. Printing and Retaining Copies

The manual should normally be viewed on line but can be printed, for reference only.

To print a chapter, click on the print icon icon which is in the top right hand corner of the relevant procedure.

Please note, copies may be printed for reference only, they may NOT be retained for more than 3 working days or used for any other purpose (See Section 8, Copyright).

7. Compliance

Every effort has been taken to ensure regulatory compliance. If you discover any errors or mistakes, please alert your manager.

8. Copyright

The content of this manual can be accessed, printed and downloaded in an unaltered form, on a temporary basis, for personal study or reference purposes. However any content printed or downloaded may not be sold, licensed, transferred, copied or reproduced in whole or in part in any manner or in or on any media to any person without the prior written consent of tri.x.

9. Mobile / Tablet Compatibility

This manual has been tested on a variety of mobile devices to ensure that it displays correctly. If you are using an older mobile device it is possible that the manual will not display correctly.

If you would like the text to be larger, resize the text under the accessibility options, alternatively if you would also like the buttons and the rest of the layout to be enlarged you can use the zoom function within your browser.

The majority of devices have the functionality to allow a shortcut to be downloaded to the homescreen by loading the site using the 'url' and using the upload function and tapping 'Add to Home Screen'. The functionality may vary between devices, please refer to the manufacturer's instructions.

10. Register for Updates

You can register with us to receive automatic notifications about manual updates. You will also receive information about the briefing papers we regularly publish. To register please click on the 'Register for Updates' button on the left of the screen, then complete and send us your details.

We will manage your data respectfully and in accordance with your preferences and we will never share your data with other organisations for marketing or other purposes.