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1.3.5 Conducting a Section 47 Investigation: Use of the Community Paediatric Service and Strategy Discussions

This chapter taken from the Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland Children’s Social Care Manual.


LLR SCB Procedures: Strategy Discussions

LLR SCB Procedures: Section 47 Enquiries


This chapter was amended in February 2014 as a result of local review. Section 4, Strategy Discussions has now also been deleted. It should be re-read throughout.


  1. Criteria for a Medical Examination
  2. Required Documentation
  3. Summary of Actions
  4. Community Paediatrician Contacts Details

1. Criteria for a Medical Examination

On initiating a Section 47 investigation the social worker and team manager need to consider the need for a S47 medical. This needs to be discussed and agreed during the Strategy Discussion with the Police and with the Community Paediatrician where appropriate. Where it is agreed that a medical is not needed, the reasons need to be clearly stated in the record of the Strategy Discussion along with the views of the other parties. It may be that prior to seeing the child it cannot be determined whether a medical is needed.

In order for the community paediatrician to fully engage in this discussion and understand the concerns, the following information is to be shared with the Child Abuse Investigation Unit (CAIU) and community paediatrician:

  • Background information;
  • Nature of concerns/injuries;
  • Nature of incident leading to the concerns;
  • The needs of other children living in the same household (developmental, health/medical, educational needs);
  • Pertinent needs of parents/carers (e.g. health);
  • Consent of parent/s or carers.

2. Required Documentation

The following documents when available are to be emailed to the community paediatrician (using the secure e-mail stated below):

  • The most recent assessment/Child Protection Conference report;
  • The case Chronology;
  • Information shared by the Police during the Strategy Discussion;
  • Body Map (if available);
  • A case summary (including background) where the above documents are not available.

There will be circumstances, particularly where the family have no previous history with the Police or Children's Social Care, where there is no written information available to the social worker and therefore for the community paediatrician to consider.

3. Summary of Actions

In summary, the actions you need to take are as follows:

  • ReferĀ  to the Police;
  • Conduct a Strategy Discussion via telephone or in more complex cases, convene a Strategy Meeting; see Strategy Discussion Procedure;
  • See the child either on a single or joint agency basis in accordance to the outcome of Strategy Discussion;
  • Conduct a further Strategy Discussion pending outcome of single/joint visit to the child, to include consideration of the question 'Is a medical necessary?'
  • Arrange medical via telephone referral and send relevant information to the community paediatrician via email (only use email address below which is secure);
  • If Police/manager decide no medical is necessary but there is an injury or neglect issues, community paediatrician consultation/views is always required.

4. Community Paediatrician Contact Details

For more information or referral, please contact the LLR Designated Doctor for Safeguarding Children.