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March 2017

Updated Chapters
Chapter Name Details
Initial Child Protection Conferences This chapter was extensively updated and should be read throughout.
E-Safety: Children Exposed to Abuse through the Digital Media Protection and Action to be taken was updated to reflect that suspected online terrorist material can be reported through Report online material promoting terrorism or extremism (GOV.UK) although reports can be made anonymously, a reminder that practitioners should not do so as they must follow the procedures for professionals.
Children Missing from Education or with Issues Regarding School Attendance/Poor School Attendance

This chapter was amended to encompass the updated statutory guidance ‘Children Missing Education’ (DfE, September 2016):

  • Section 1, Definition and Overview has been expanded to include an overview as well as the definition;
  • Section 2, Risks, has been updated to include some specific groups of children who are vulnerable;
  • Section 3.1, By Schools, has been expanded to reflect the duties and requirements of schools and LAs.

Links have been updated in the whole chapter.

Domestic Abuse/Violence This chapter was extensively updated and should be read throughout.
Safeguarding Trafficked Children A link was added to Modern slavery victims: referral and assessment forms (GOV.UK) in the Related Documents and Guidance section. Text was also added at Section 5.3, Referrals, with regards to in cases where a child displays indicators that they may have been trafficked, whether from overseas or within the UK, social workers or other front line professionals should refer the case to the relevant competent authority by submitting a National Referral Mechanism Referral Form.
Children and Young People who Runaway or go Missing from Home or Care A link to Missing Children: Who Cares? The police response to missing and absent children (HMIC, March 2016) was added to the Relevant Guidance section.
Safeguarding Children Vulnerable to Violent Extremism (PREVENT) Appendix 1: Flowchart for Safeguarding Children Vulnerable to Violent Extremism was added.
Agency Roles and Responsibilities to Safeguard and Promote the Welfare of Children

This chapter was updated in particular with regards to the Ofsted Guidance 2016 - requirement for childcare settings to have a 'Deputy' Safeguarding Lead. The new guidance will mean early years settings will be required to have an alternative member of staff to take on the responsibility if the safeguarding lead is not present, to ensure appropriate cover at all times of day.

Local Contacts This chapter was updated.

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